Festoon lamps

NARVA Range Power LED offers crisp positioning and vibrant stop lights. Besides looking great, now whenever you maneuver on the road, other drivers will quickly and clearly see what you are doing - making you and them safer. To get high quality products ensuring a continuing performance and upgrade your style, choose NARVA Range Power LED!

Check availability with your local NARVA representative.

Technical Type Article nº V W Base Packaging type Bulbs in pack MOQ
Fest 10.5x38 3LED 12V 0.35W       NVA B2
Fest 10.5x38 3LED 180104000 12V 0.35W SV8,5 B2 2 10
Fest 10.5x38 3LED Fest 10.5x38 3LED 12V 0.35W       NVA B2
Article nº 180104000
V 12V
W 0.35W
Base SV8,5
Packaging type B2
Bulbs in pack 2
MOQ 10
It is your own responsibility to ensure that the use of the LED retrofit lights complies with applicable local legal requirements.