Interior & signaling


  • Stop lamps

    Stop lamps

    Available in : 3156, 3157, G18, P21, P21W, P22, P25, PY21W

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  • Festoon lamps

    Available in : C21W, C5W, Festoon 12V, Festoon T10.5x38, Festoon T10.5x43, Festoon T15x43

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  • Spherical lamps

    Spherical lamps

    Available in : R10W, R5W, RY10W

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  • Indicator lamps

    Indicator lamps

    Available in : BA7, T2W, T4W

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  • Indicator lamps with wedge base

    Indicator lamps with wedge base

    Available in : W1.2W, W16W, W21/5W, W2.2W, W2.3W, W21W, W3W, W5W, WY21W, WY5W

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  • Halogen miniature lamps

    Available in : H10W, H20W, H21W, H5W, H6W

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  • Plastic base lamps

    Plastic base lamps

    Available in : BAX10d, BAX10s, BAX12V

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  • American types

    Available in : 3156, 3157

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  • Range Power Blue+

    Available in : H6W, T4W, W5W

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  • Long Life

    Available in : H6W

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  • Standard


    Available in : PY21W Amber, P21W, P21/4W, P21/5W

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