Heavy Duty


NARVA Heavy Duty has been developed to resist all vibrations.

For bad road conditions

Especially the sensitive light sources of the car could not overcome heavy vibration. We develope NARVA Heavy Duty specifically for bad road conditions.

Your life goes up and down?

Roads you drive on are sometimes in a bad state. Holes and vibrations characterize your ways and your car has to resist many vibrations. Such shocks do not only apply the car but also the supersensitive components like light system. NARVA Germany found out the ideal solution for such trips. Heavy Duty lighting stands for steadiness and consistency on all ways.

To keep in mind: natural frequency

The functionality of Heavy Duty bears in mind the impact of natural frequency. In terms of this frequency it is particularly important to withstand vibrations.

However: What means rather natural frequency?

 Every system has a certain natural frequency.
In case of specific vibrations it becomes dangerous: Vibrancy is forced on a system. If the frequency of the swinging conforms to the natural frequency of the system the system will react by heavy amplitudes. The maximal energy is conveyed and the oscillation amplitude could rise to its maximum and the system becomes damaged.